About Us
Our History

Polipebble was developed in 2011.

After several years research i have found a system to blend all different kinds of plastics with different melting points together.

Our Vision

To use plastic waste to such a extend that we wont send any to landfill.

Our Future

Our survival dependent on Donors and Sponsors.To develop new ways to use the Poli-Compound we develop.The more uses the less waste.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us is to be part of the new evolution in the uses of Plastic waste.

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Latest News
Eco Agriculture

The use of Plastic in the Poli compound form is not only a relieve on our Eco system. It is also the recommended growth medium for Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems with great advantages.

Ecosystem Rescue

The use of Poli pebble in the agriculture field basically put back plastic to where it came from .The earth. The advantage is that it can greatly improve Aquaponic systems to increase food growth in hardened and dry areas.

Recycling Promotion

Only 20% of current plastics are being recycled.This will increase it to over 90% world wide.